New Youth Age Groups Proposed by Grapplers Quest

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"Parents don't want a 83 lbs., 8 year old fighting a 85 lbs. 12 year old, it's just not safe and the sport must change, " commented Grapplers Quest CEO, Brian Cimins, he continued, "more tournaments have adopted GQ rules than any other organization in the world for grappling, so we're taking the lead to help create a fairer and safer competitor experience for the future of our sport, OUR KIDS!"

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With the guidance from Nick Recanati of The Six Levels in Orlando and Cristina Rodriguez from Gracie Tampa and scientific, competitor age and weight sampling assistance from Peter Tuccino of Dragon Spirit Martial Arts, we proudly present the new Grapplers Quest Youth Divisions."

6 and Under
Lightweight (49.9 lbs. & below)
Middleweight (50-59.9 lbs.)
Cruiserweight (60-69.9 lbs.)
Heavyweight (70 lbs. and over)

7-9 yrs. old
Lightweight (59.9 lbs. and below)
Middleweight (60-69.9 lbs.)
Cruiserweight (70-79.9 lbs.)
Heavyweight (80 lbs. and over)

10-12 yrs. old
Lightweight (79.9 lbs. and under)
Middleweight (80-89.9 lbs.)
Cruiserweight (90-99.9 lbs.)
Heavyweight (100 lbs. and over)

13-15 yrs. old
Lightweight (99.9 lbs. and under)
Middleweight (100-114.9 lbs.)
Cruiserweight (115-129.9 lbs.)
Heavyweight (130 lbs. and over)

16-17 yrs. old
Lightweight (119.9 lbs. and under)
Middleweight (120-134.9 lbs.)
Cruiserweight (135-149.9 lbs.)
Heavyweight (150-169.9 lbs.)
Superweight (170 lbs. and over)

*Weight classes can be modified or combined with parent/coach/competitor approval.


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