New Judo-Style Bracketing System to Revolutionize Grapplers Quest Grappling Tournaments

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Here's a SNEAK PEAK of the brand new Judo and Wrestling Style bracketing and match number system Grapplers Quest debuts on Saturday, April 17th at Europa Show of Champions in Orlando, Florida (

Grapplers Quest is proud to announce that we're implementing the most revolutionary Judo-Style bracketing draw, registration and weigh-in system the grappling world has ever seen. We're striving to offer you the best possible competition experience, including a 30% reduction in registration and weigh-in time and most importantly, a MAJOR decrease in event time, guaranteed.

New Registration, Bracketing and Event System Highlights:
- Improved Accuracy and Efficiency of Registration and Weigh-in
- Match #s Guarantee approximate start times
- Match #s posted on each numbered ring to track progress
- Match #s offer ample time for proper warm-up
- Match #s remove the ability for you to miss your match
- Brackets posted on Video Screens or Large Print-outs on Wall
- Live Brackets posted online as divisions progress
- Individual and Team Results posted LIVE
- No overlapping Divisions, you won't miss a match!
- 100% Sandbagger Proof
- Will integrate with RATED (World Grappling League) data and begin to re-populate all-time results

The new draw system will be a small learning curve for new competitors, but we'll work hard to fully explain how the system works with flow charts. Basically, competitors will now "register" or check-in for "pre-registration" at one of 4-5 computer stations, confirm their division(s), get skin check and immediately weigh-in and be automatically entered into the brackets. The event itinerary and brackets are made the day of and are posted on walls or giant video screens (UFC Fan Expo will debut this), showing everyone which ring their matches are and which match number they are. Matches average approximately 5 minutes each, so it's fairly simple to determine when you will be up by visiting their scheduled ring, see what match number they're on and even be able to schedule proper warm-up time. There will be no mat changes or confusing sliding brackets or rings from mat to mat, you will fight, GUARANTEED on the mat you are scheduled on and you'll easily be able to determine within 10-15 minutes what time you'll start. Competitors will be responsible to check the wall to find this information, but there will also be attendants by the wall to help you find your matches.

The old way of running brackets from start to finish, round by round is VERY taxing on the competitors and very inefficient from a time perspective. For this and for general safety purposes, the NEW bracketing draw system will run the first round match-ups for 3-4 brackets, which guarantees ample time for rest, approximately 15-20 minutes between matches.

Grapplers Quest is paving the way to help revolutionize the way grappling tournaments are run with match-by-match and progressive bracket results posted LIVE right here at:, so your family can track your progress at home from anywhere in the world.

We appreciate your support and patience and promise to deliver the "KARATE KID" style event experience YOU deserve, once and for all. Please BELIEVE in us, keep supporting our events and trust that we'll stop at nothing to truly provide the GREATEST GRAPPLING SHOW ON EARTH for years to come!

See you on the mats or ringside soon!

Your grappling promoter,
Brian J. Cimins, President
Grapplers Quest


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