Matt Betzhold, World's Most Inspirational Grappler

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One-Legged Fighter Makes Martial Arts History

Mixed Martial Arts is intense for any fighter — so imagine entering the ring with one less leg than your opponent. That's exactly the obstacle facing Arizona fighter Matt Betzold, but he's not letting his handicap keep him out of the ring.

Betzold, who was given poisoned candy when he was six years old, had his left leg amputated below the knee by doctors.

He wears a prosthetic leg at all times — except for when he competes. On Saturday, Betzold fought in his first World Team Trials in Phoenix, Arizona at the 2009 World Team Trials for USA Grappling.

"Some people may say I'm disabled, but I don't look at it like that. I just have a disability," Betzold told Grapplers Quest.

Betzold, 25, is the second person with a disability to fight in a Mixed Martial Arts event.