Joao Assis Challenges the Grappling World on Saturday, December 4th at Grapplers Quest in New Jersey - Who will step up?

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Joao Assis shocked the grappling world, defeating Alexandre Ribeiro, defending ADCC World Champion in the finals of the $10,000 cash prize at World's Best Grappler 32-Man Tournament at Tachi Palace. As any grappler who enters a monster tournament defeating the defending 2009 champion in the finals would expect is the respect of the grappling world. Joao Assis is tired of people talking, posting on Facebook about how great they are, he's ready to put up or shut up on Saturday, December 4th in Asbury Park, New Jersey in the $1,000 Cash Advanced Absolute at Grapplers Quest's World Series!

2010 CBJJ Pan American No-Gi Champion
2010 CBJJ World No-Gi Super-Heavy Weight Champion
2010 Grapplers Quest's $11,500 CASH 32-Man "World's Best Grappler at Tachi Palace"
2010 Mr. Olympia World Absolute No-Gi Champion
2010 UFC Fan Expo Las Vegas Pro Absolute Champion
-------2010 World Series of Grappling Absolute Champion? Will Joao complete the first triple crown of Grappling in 2010 be finalized at Grapplers Quest's 2010 World Series of Grappling, Saturday, December 4th in Asbury Park, NJ? Find out live...GET MORE EVENT INFO NOW, go to:

Some of the other legendary world champion competitors might have seminars, mma fights, injuries of family affairs to attend to on Saturday, December 4th, but one thing is certain, The World's Best Grappler in 2010, Joao Assis will be there to take on ALL challengers. As he said it best,

"I'm all in for the World Series, who else is ready for war?"

Compete in the $1,000 Advanced Absolute Pro Division, open to ALL Men's Advanced No-Gi competitors to add as an additional division - register now at:

Get general event information here:


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