GrapplingRadio with Brian Cimins, Episode 2

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Wrapping up the year, I wanted to thank everyone for supporting grappling events nationwide and instructors, school owners and competitors for putting their heart, soul, blood, sweat and tears into the sport we all love.

I promised a very prolific individual in grappling (name withheld by request) I would share a very funny and personal story about a rival promoter from 2009 - enjoy ;-) LOL...


Hope Saves the Day on with Paul Cimins


when you getting a Grapplers

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when you getting a Grapplers Quest magazine?

That would be awesome even if

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That would be awesome even if it was quarterly, a magazine of grappling would be nice. No mma, just grappling. Oh I wish it was true

there is GracieMag but it

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there is GracieMag but it learns towards traditional bjj and not much no gi what would be killer with interviews and breakdowns from grapple's quest champions on there favorite moves and all that jazz. I can only wish lol

I just wish one of these

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I just wish one of these MAJOR magazines would send a reporter to each of our shows nationwide to write an article. Gracie Magazine is cool, but they haven't covered Grapplers Quest events in two years. I hope the media is listening, our grapplers want MORE exposure in your magazines.

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