Grapplers Quest will Live on For Generations to Come

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I returned from my 21-day pilgrimage in Peru to read breaking headlines that "cancelled all events in 2013" and it sure was odd news to me and not accurate at all.

Yes, we did in fact cancel the January 5th event in Coral Springs, Florida due to issues outside of our control - all refunds, credits or Free Gear packages are shipping out and arriving shortly.

I was away on a personal growth journey since December 4th in the Andes Mountains and Amazon Jungle. Over the past two years, I started realizing that I was running too many events and it was massively overwhelming me to the breaking point. I've been getting treated for various physical and mental health conditions since 2010 and making tremendous progress through various plant medicines, deep meditation, reiki, massage and yoga in pursuit of true happiness and mental wellness and overall physical well being. It's been a WILD ride and I've uncovered so much about my true path and destiny in life.

I appreciate everyone's love and positive energy and prayers from all over the world. I'm going through a strong transformation of life's real priorities and my family and friends circles within my life are getting re-defined, re-shaped, re-prioritized. I've been an absentee human being and workaholic for 15 years and just needed a little personal time to help redefine my boundaries and help heal myself and my loved ones around me.

On the beautiful flip side, I saw a huge outpouring from the community and really appreciated all the support and kind messages. Thank you to all our friends and supporters who reached out from concern about health reasons, we're alive, well and healthier than ever.

Grapplers Quest will live on with continuing already existing and successful World Class partnerships and future International Partner Expansion with a few events a year in North America and Worldwide. We are also adding videos daily for FREE to live on for generations to come through our video catalog on YouTube at:

I appreciate everyone who stood behind us and please be patient until I do announce upcoming events and in the meantime, please support your local tournaments EVERY WHERE, the sport has grown so much and so well since the early days when we started in local gyms back in 1996. Thank you for all the beautiful years of support, when we return, it will be special!

Your Grappling Promoter,
Brian J. Cimins, CEO
The Grapplers Company, Inc.

P.S. Grapplers Quest will eternally live in your hearts' consciousness and on youtube at: