Flashback: Interview with Marc Laimon, Prequel to Gracie vs. Laimon at Grapplers Quest West 2004 by Brian Cimins

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Marc Laimon Interview - Prequel to Gracie vs. Laimon Superfight

GRACIE vs. LAIMON - Part 1 Interview from Marc Laimon

Brian Cimins: Marc Laimon, in less than 4 weeks, will participate in the Grappling Superfight of the Year, but more importantly, The Grappling Superfight of his career. How does it make you feel to participate in what many are calling the Submission Grappling Superfight of the Year: Ryron Gracie vs. Marc Laimon at Grapplers Quest West VI on Saturday, November 6th in Las Vegas, Nevada (http://www.Grapplers.com)?

Marc Laimon: I am very excited to be fighting in Las Vegas at Grapplers Quest, the premier West Coast Grappling promotion. I am also anxious to show the world my skills on the mat.

Brian Cimins: How long have you been training for this match and what are you doing differently to prepare for Ryron Gracie?

Marc Laimon: I have been training since September 1st, 2004 specifically for this match. I have brought in some very good training partners to push me in my training. I also have access to some of the best individuals in the industry to help my strength and conditioning.

Brian Cimins: What does fighting a Gracie mean for you and your career?

Marc Laimon: Fighting a Gracie means that I get to show that you can be a white guy from Wisconsin, and still have good jiu-jitsu. Both Ryron and myself are the 1st generation of Jiu-Jitsu, from the U.S. It will be interesting to see if Rorion's method of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu will prevail, or will a white guy with a bunch of tapes, who still maintains a whitebelt mentality, will win.

Brian Cimins: Didn't you start your training at Rorion's Academy in Torrance?

Marc Laimon: Yes, I started training at Rorion's Academy on January 22nd, 1996

Brian Cimins: When and Why did you stop training there?

Marc Laimon: I stopped training there after I saw the Pan-Ams in 1996. I saw jiu-jitsu I never saw before, but I was told it was too advanced for me, by Rorion Gracie. It was also too advanced for his students who had been training for years. I personally felt he did not know this advanced jiu-jitsu, and saying it was "too advanced" was a cop out. So I stopped training there, and went out to find my own path and seek out what jiu-jitsu really was, and is becoming.

Brian Cimins: Does it concern you that Rorion and Ryron know your style of fighting?

Marc Laimon: They don't know my style. My game has changed so much in the last year, let alone what my game was in 1996.

Brian Cimins: Did you ever train live with Ryron back in the days you trained there?

Marc Laimon: We would roll light, he was a 14 year old kid back in the day. He has grown a lot since then, and is actually a lot bigger than me now. I think he is a very tough opponent with some big wins under his belt. However in the industry that I am in, he has the name Gracie which is the biggest, and that is why I must fight him.

Brian Cimins: Does that affect you positively, negatively or at all preparing for this match?

Marc Laimon: It has no bearing what so ever.

Brian Cimins: What do you think of the overall rules for the match?

Marc Laimon: I would like to know exactly what Ryron will wear. Training for Gi and no gi are 2 different sports. He already has special Gracie (IGJJF) rules, why not tell me what I am fighting against. Imagine if you show up to the world series, and the umpire says, "Today we will play using a softball". It is the same game, but the dynamics change dramatically. It should be stated what your opponent will wear!

Brian Cimins:A 30 minute time limit? Will this help or hurt you?

Marc Laimon: If it goes 30 min I will die!

Brian Cimins: What do you think of the slamming rule?

Marc Laimon: I feel that the rule is bad. Someone could get seriously injured. I would hate to see someone get paralyzed because of a rule like this. This is a sport, not a fight, there is a big difference.

Brian Cimins: If you get a chance to slam Ryron, will you?

Marc Laimon: I want to beat Ryron with Jiu-Jitsu. I feel I have a much better game than he does, and by me slamming him on his head does not prove that i have better Jiu-Jitsu. I really don't forsee me being in a position where I will need to slam him, but sometimes ya got to do what ya gotta do. --- Note from Brian: this is very interesting visionary comment if you've seen the match - order here: http://www.grapplersquest.com/products/gq-west-6-gracie-vs-laimon-plus-s...

Brian Cimins: What would you tell people who are on the fence whether or not to attend this tournament to witness this fight LIVE?

Marc Laimon: You can witness an American, who has been training half the time as his opponent, who was not born into a grappling family, beat a Gracie, but not by stalling, rather by having better Jiu-jitsu. See someone who said that the "crystal clear waters" of Gracie Jiu-Jitsu was polluted, and left the "mecca" of jiu-jitsu to seek his own path of understanding. On November 6th in Las Vegas at Grapplers Quest, we will see if I made a wise decision! Come root for the American underdog.

Brian Cimins: What is your prediction of the match?

Marc Laimon: Marc Laimon will win by submission early!

Brian Cimins: Any sponsors to thank?

Marc Laimon: Howard Combat Kimonos for believing in a 20 old kid, who nobody ever heard of. All of my students, and training partners Thanks for all the help and support.

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