CEO and Founder Brian Cimins Competes at Grapplers Quest U.S. Nationals 2013 Submission Grappling for

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"Face Your Fears and everything in LIFE becomes easier"
- Brian Cimins

Grappling has been my burning passion and desire for the last 19 years. As a freshman in college in 1994, I started the first "Grappling" training program at The Richard Stockton College of New Jersey in Pomona, New Jersey in the Racquetball Courts. One of my first "students" and "MMA training partners" was Matt Stern, who is now proudly a Renzo Gracie Black Belt teaching in Brooklyn, New York and several of my close friends and roommates.

Before the match below, filmed on Saturday, July 20, 2013 at the Grapplers Quest U.S. National Championships, my last competition was January 14, 2011 in Florida and before that was December 5, 2005 at's "American International Championships", and before that was the infamous "Jackhammer" illegal slam at the hands of Randy "The Savage" Rowe at NAGA's North American Grappling Association's North American Championships on December 2, 2000, which led to crushed vertebrae and nerve damage.

When I was injured and out of commission, it felt like my heart and soul were ripped out of me. I didn't feel like I could connect with the athletes on the level to fully grasp the "Competitor Experience" at Grapplers Quest. I needed to find my way back to the Mats which started my QUEST.

Stepping back on the mats to compete after training for only 2 weeks with my instructor, Chris Savarese ( was definitely a challenge, but one I wanted to endure. I felt like it was an episode of "Undercover Boss", as I waited on line to register and weigh-in, which only took about 35 minutes because there were nearly 100 competitors on line in front of me. The Staff did a great job to get through the lines and several people commented to me, "I can't believe you are waiting in line," for which I replied, "I am a competitor, just like you and want the full experience." I wanted to special treatment or line cutting advantages, I wanted to be FAIR and have the emotional experience of weight cutting on line. It's TOUGH, but worth every moment!

How did you make 160.8 lbs. at 6'2 with 7% bodyfat?
It was 2:00 PM and I arrived at the venue weighing 164.8 pounds. Nobody knew, but our awards and championship belts were sitting on the Docks in Elizabeth waiting to be picked up. I quickly applied some "SWEET SWEAT", turned on the heat in my truck and drove in 107 degrees for the 90 minute round trip. It worked, but my Quest to get back in shape started years ago. When my son, Logan John Cimins was born on June 13, 2007, I weighed 271 lbs. and had stroke level blood pressure and 296 cholesterol, plus very dangerous counts from my Liver and Kidneys, both of which were damaged from years of medications for pain, stress, anxiety and sleep deprivation. I needed a LIFE Change and

Cutting weight wasn't hard under the strict Diet that I've maintained for nearly 3 years since traveling to Peru and learning the Ancient dietary ways of the Chavin, Moche, Pre-Inca and active current tribes in the Amazon Jungle as well as foods from the Andes Mountains. I will be releasing some recipes and recommendations from my new cookbook and plant medicine entitled, "The Shamanic Diet" in the next few months...stay tuned!

Did I want to win? Absolutely, but the competition level has increased so massively, I was lucky to not get submitted. I felt like a WINNER before I stepped on the mat, simply for challenging myself, facing my fears, especially after making a public announcement, I couldn't back out of! My physical training in Yoga and Jiu Jitsu as well as massive mental training in various types of Meditation has been amazingly healing for my mind, body and spirit. Thank you to everyone who helped run the event, while I was focusing and warming up for my match. Thank you to my opponent, FRANK, who's been a competitor at Grapplers Quest for many years, "you were TOUGH man" and it was an honor to go against someone with skill and grace for my big return.

Will you compete again
Absolutely, but I will be much more dedicated and have much more preparation time on the mats in Lyndhurst, New Jersey at Chris Savarese's school as well as with my friend, Mike Palladino who owns Evolution BJJ in Fishkill, New York. I'll be ready to face my fears again and I cannot wait to see what unfolds after my next time too!