Bill Cooper, 24-Time Grapplers Quest Champion signs to Strikeforce for 4-Fights - Debut is July 22nd in Las Vegas

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Agora Hills, California Breaking News: Bill "The Grill" Cooper, 24-Time Grapplers Quest Champion signs to Strikeforce for 4-Fight deal for his next big step in his undefeated Mixed Martial Arts career. Cooper was undefeated (7-0) as an amateur and undefeated as a Pro where he captured the Lightweight title from Gladiator Challenge. His second pro fight and debut for Strikeforce is July 22nd in Las Vegas against Rumble on the Rock veteran, Maka Watson.

When asked what signing with Strikeforce meant to Cooper, he responded,
"This is the biggest opportunity of my life. When I defeated Joe Daddy Stevenson at Grapplers Quest UFC Fan Expo Las Vegas 2009, I knew it turned some heads. I'm fighting for the grappling community, I want to represent my fans, I'm fighting for my people, my family, my training partners, my instructor and my students. I will make you proud, " an excited Cooper commented.



WEIGHT CLASS: 155 (Lightweight)

AGE / Date of Birth: 24 Years old - DOB: May 5, 1987

HEIGHT/WEIGHT:5'11, 165 lbs

REACH: 76"


BIRTHPLACE: Santa Barbara, California

FIGHTING OUT OF: Agoura Hills, California

LANGUAGES SPOKEN: English, Spanish, and little Portugeuse

STYLE: Paragon Jiu Jitsu

TRAINER: Coach Mike

STRENGTHS: 30-Time Grapplers Quest Champion, Aggressive Submission Grappler, Unorthodox Striking Style, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Black Belt

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