The Avengers Win 2012 Florida State Overall Team Title - Popovitch and Abreu's Super Team Victorious at Grapplers Quest Florida

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Who are The Avengers? They are the #1 Ranked Grappling Competition Team in the State of Florida in 2012 after winning the overall Team Title on January 14 at Grapplers Quest. Pablo Popovitch and Roberto Abreu's Super Team was developed to compete with team amassed of 10+ competition teams and locations. They've always trained together since 2007 and it was a "unique competition team experiment that produces champions," commented Grapplers Quest founder, Brian Cimins.

The Avengers win their first Overall Team Championship Title by Winning the 2012 Florida State Overall Team Title hosted on Saturday, January 14th in Coral Springs, Florida.

The next event in Florida is Saturday, November 10, 2012 back in Coral Springs and sponsored by TapouT and Gaspari Nutrition.

See the official Team Results here:

See the official Divisional results here:

Avengers Founders, Pablo Popovitch and Roberto Abreu