Ask Bill "The Grill" Cooper a Question...

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Bill "The Grill" Cooper was nicknamed one of America's Most Exciting Grapplers in 2008 and he's up for Grappler of the Year for 2009. I'm conducting an interview with Bill Cooper this Friday for GrapplingRADIO and want to know what you want me to ask him...What questions do you have for BILL COOPER?

David Garmo asked: What weight does he walk around at (not cutting for tournament weight)?

Anthony Califano asked: Where did you learn such good take downs having never wrestled??

Mike Rethmeyer asked: What is your training schedule?

Taitino Clyde Miller wrote:
(a) After watching the replay @ the Copa Pacifica 2005, do you still believe you won the match vs. Kron? (We do!)

(b) When are you bringing the half guard seminar back to San Diego?

(c) What's on the agenda for "The Grill" in 2010?


When will we see the grill in

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When will we see the grill in the octagon?

what is your favorite

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what is your favorite grappling memory?

Did you ever go through a

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Did you ever go through a point in the beggining where you lose a couple in a row and start to doubt yourself??? I havent won any matches yet.although i've only had 3..Bill Cooper coached me for my first at the ufc fan expo grapplers quest, white belt bjj... i had no coach and my mom somehow talked him into helping me out... i lost but I learned a lot from him and am thankful for the experience.. I am due for a win streak in 2010!!!

Supporting yourself as a grappler..

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I hope this isn't too personal of a question, but I always wonder how young grapplers support themselves since there isn't much money in BJJ or grappling. It costs alot to travel to all the tourneys and also you need to have enough time each day to train hard for them and going to work and school makes it hard to do.

So besides running an academy, do sponsors pay enough? Or do you have to work a part or full time job as well? Or do you have really supportive parents?

The reason why I ask is because I'm 19 and haven't started college yet and I try to spend as much time as possible on the mat. I have alot of people pressuring me to join the military and things like that and I'm looking for a way to make decent money and still be able to train and compete alot.

Thanks. Grill, you're the best!!