Alan Teo vs. Mike Mrkulic at 2004 Grapplers Quest All-Star Pro Lightweight Semi-Finals

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Rest in Peace Mike Mrkulic, Our Friend and Proud Champion

I met Mike Mrkulic as a white belt at Lou Vintaloro's school in the summer of 1999 or 2000. He was the stock broker who dreamt of opening a jiu jitsu school ever since he started. He became one of the many American Jiu Jitsu Entrepreneur success stories and started competing at Grapplers Quest since the early years. We started traveling to tournaments together for years, he was even recording the infamous "Jackhammer" match at NAGA 2000 where I suffered a life changing injury.

Back in 2003, ADCC contacted me and wanted our best and I recommended them Alan Teo, Brandon Vera and Mike Mrkulic and based upon this tournament and one previous event, we pre-qualified them to compete in the $100,000 tournament through the prestigious and world renown "Best in the America Titles" Grapplers Quest tournaments were yielding year after year. Hearing of Mike's passing just the other day was devastating, because he was so young and had so much more to offer the world. Life is precious, we lost our friend and champion and mentor to many through an accident and we pray for his family through their time of suffering. Rest in peace Mike Mrkulic, thank you for being in my life, please forgive the long time since we last spoke. Please remember to call an old friend today, maybe that was the greatest lesson I learned this year.

Your Grappling Promoter,
Brian John Cimins