3 Referee Referee Team for All Pro Grappling Matches Guaranteed - Grapplers Quest continues to Raise the Bar

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3 Referee Referee Team for All Pro Grappling Matches Guaranteed - Grapplers Quest continues to Raise the Bar by Brian Cimins, Founder of Grapplers Quest

Continuing on the HUGE announcement for Grapplers Quest switching to the Match Number system (read more here: http://www.grapplersquest.com/blogs/briancimins/new-judo-style-bracketin...), we are ALSO bringing back the 3-Referee System for ALL future Professional Grappling Divisions to assist with increasing referee performance, accuracy and to increase the overall professional level so professional Grapplers, BJJ fighters and MMA competitors can participate

Benefits of the 3 Referee System to Pro Grapplers
- Virtually Guarantees a FAIR match due to 3 referee angle coverage
- Ability to Officially Protest a Match (Pro matches only)
- Feel Safe that Grapplers Quest and "America's Best Referee Team" are working extra-hard to give you the BEST professional grappling experience and the fairest matches possible for your chances to win HUGE CASH prizes!

How the 3 Referee System will work?
- Head Referee Scores the Match
- Two Side Referees will have Red Flags to Raise to Request Referee Meeting at Stalemate
- 2 Referees need to have Flags raised to Request Meeting, Head Referee will not be distracted until BOTH flags are raised
- Three Referees will converge in the Center of the Mat, Competitors will go to their corners
- During this meeting, the 3 referees will determine, best 2 of 3 what the final scoring call will be
- Head Referee will signify the 3 referees FINAL decision and re-start the match in the same or standing position, depending on circumstances.

Starting Friday night, April 16th at 8:00 PM in Orlando, Florida for the 8-Man $1,000 Pro Grapplers Quest Superfight Tournament at Europa (April 16-17th) (http://www.grapplersquest.com/blogs/briancimins/bracket-orlandos-8-man-s...) will implement our Pro-only 3 Referee Team, including two Side Refs with Red Flags (if they want to call a ref meeting to discuss at stale-mate position) as well as the head professional grappler's Coach gets one protest "White Flag" (white belt or colored bean bag) to throw per tournament, not per match. If a pro coach uses his protest bean bag in his pro grapplers' first match, he could not protest another call, even if his pro competitor made it to the final.