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WATCH HBO Tonight at 10PM - Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel: Episode # 206 Web Clip - Michael and Bruce Buffer (HBO Sports)

"IT'S TIME!!" Debuts Bruce Buffer and Michael Buffer Episode TONIGHT on HBO @ 10 PM EST - Watch a SNEAK PREVIEW of the on Bryant Gumbel's iconic HBO SPORTS:

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Should Scissor Takedowns be LEGAL or ILLEGAL in Amateur Divisions?

Reilly Bodycomb has one of the BEST Flying Scissor Leg Takedowns in the world! I believe these techniques are amazingly exciting for professional divisions on television, but for amateur divisions cause too much risk for novice, beginner and intermediate divisions and even possibly for Advanced No Gi Submission Grappling Divisions. I personally believe, it's just for PROS, but I want to know YOUR opinion.

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