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"Grapplers Quest started my career and began My QUEST to become a Champion"

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Grapplers Quest was where I started my career in Submission Grappling. I am currently the undefeated Lightweight Superfight Champion. My team and I really enjoy the shows. You'll probably see me at any Northeast GQ. If you see me, please come introduce yourself, my fans are everything to me!


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Watch my Superfight vs. Bill Cooper at Grapplers Quest @ UFC Fan Expo 2009

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I really wanted to thank everyone for coming out and supporting the first UFC Fan Expo and Grapplers Quest. I've competed in Grapplers Quest a ton of times, but this was my first Superfight with their organization. This was a charity superfight that benefited Autism Awareness. I try to compete in GQ in between fights to keep my ground game sharp.

My charity information will be posted soon - we really appreciate your support.

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My First Pro Grappling Match...EVER!

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This event was my first professional grappling match, back in March 2003 in Bayonne, New Jersey. I had just met Lloyd Irvin a few months earlier, which started the process of completing my skill set for MMA. Tim Carpenter is a class act and tough guy, when we fought here, Timmy weighed 260+ lbs., now he's fighting at 205...LOL, crazy how much dieting and training can change your body and your life. Keep training and wish me luck against Randy Couture at UFC® 105 on Saturday, November 14th. I'll be posting my training progress very soon...

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