About Grapplers Quest


Grappling is the action-packed Ground Fighting Submission Sport of Mixed Martial Arts, a $100 Billion sports entertainment industry. Grappling is a non-striking sport that combines the throws of Olympic Judo, the takedowns of Greco-Roman and Freestyle Wrestling, Leg Locks from Russian Sambo, and Submissions such as armbars and chokes from Brazilian Jiu Jitsu.


Founded in 1998, Grapplers Quest organizes the World’s largest ground fighting tournaments and expos, produces television content for Television, iTunes and DVDs, manufactures and distributes fightwear and athletic apparel and sponsored by OnTheMat, Lucky Gi, Super Body Care, EZ FLEX SPORT MATS, Family Meditation (http://KidsCanMeditate.com) and LiveGrappling, "The NetFlix of Grappling" at: http://LiveGrappling.com

Became the Official Grappling Tournament of UFC Fan Expos worldwide running events with the Ultimate Fighting Championship® to host competitions at all expos since. More than one hundred thousand competitors have graced the mats including professional MMA Fighters including BJ Penn, Matt Hughes, Frank Mir, Frankie Edgar, Brandon Vera, Forrest Griffin have all competed at Grapplers Quest. The brand is synonymous with featuring World’s Best Submission Fighters, hosting the World’s Largest Grappling Tournaments and is THE original brand in grappling.